Monday, 21/05/12

Monday, 21/05/12

Alternate between the following couplets on the minute, every minute, for 20 Minutes:
5 Thrusters, 5 Kettlebell Swings
5 Pushups, 5 Strict Pullups
Each time you fail to complete the required work within the minute reduce the rep scheme by 1 for both exercises within the couplet for the remainder of the time.
After the final day of competition on Sunday Kara Gordon (from CrossFit Roar in Brisbane), Ruth Anderson Horrell and Denae Brown emerged as the top three female athletes in our region, and as such have earned themselves an invitation to the Games in California in July.

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  • Jim King
    Posted at 11:05h, 21 May

    Jo G, Gerard, Isobel, Melissa, Kim L, Kath L, Xavier, Suzy, Kate P, Sabrina, Adam L, David C, Clay, Campbell, Jen
    Jean-Marc Intro 3
    Tony M, Trent, Rod, John A, Sandy, Megan, Minh, Simon, Patrick, Paula, Evan D
    Bianca, Alyssa, Andrew B, Phantom, Ali, Robyn, Sam, Michelle M, April, Jono

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:32h, 21 May

    Jess – a heap of stuff I rubbed off before I recorded it. It involved exercise.
    John C Intro 3 – 1:48.8 (500m row)
    Pip S, Bryce, Michael, Reece, Arthur, Patrina, Tim G, Bec G, Christian, Steve F, Sue W, Dan, Matt D, Kat, Jeff
    Anita Intro 1
    Rob C, Greg B, Penny, Victor, Ru, Nick LF, Sue O, Leah, Molly, Danny C, Andy S, Matt H

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