Monday, 19/03/12

Monday, 19/03/12

Power Cleans
5 rounds for time:
10 Power Cleans
10 Burpees

John (The Phantom) Pidgeon began training with us 6 months ago in order to get himself back in shape. This week he leaves to go to his army reunion very much fitter and healthier than he was at the outset.

While serving in the army, back in his glory days, John was extremely fit and a very good boxer too. He has made remarkable progress through being consistent and determined and is approaching his old fighting weight 40 years on.  His journey has not been without its setbacks, but he has not let anything stop him from achieving his goals. Well done John, we are proud of your achievements and the best is yet to come.

Below is a copy of the message he posted on our site a few days ago:

Jim and April,
Well here we are six months down the track. It certainly has been an interesting journey for all concerned.
The scaling and modifying you do for those of us who need it is testament to your professional know how. I probably need it the most, but with it I’m able to fit in with most of the WODS.
As you know, for a while early on I felt like a contestant on “The Weakest Link” waiting for the boot. With your perseverance and coaching and at times you must have been wondering “what do you have here”, we got through that period.
Joining Cross Fit King has been a life changing choice – one that I’ll never regret.
I’m in the best condition I’ve been in for forty years or so and will attend the reunion feeling great.
Looking forward to the next six months for more improvement.
Once again thanks.
PS: April, now there are only two faces.

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  • Chris
    Posted at 20:13h, 18 March

    Way ta go John. The Box wouldn’t be the same without ya mate so keep it up and enjoy your reunion.

  • Dan
    Posted at 20:19h, 18 March

    I always love doing a WOD beside you, John. Just like I love hearing your amazing stories as we warm up. You’re an inspiration mate.

  • Paula
    Posted at 20:29h, 18 March

    John I have never thought of you as the weakest link but rather the opposite! Such an Inspiration and I too love your recollections. You are the Phantom!

  • Katherine L
    Posted at 20:54h, 18 March

    You look awesome, John! Have a fantastic time at the reunion. I have enjoyed working out with you. Especially the encouragement you give me when we are running along that footpath! I wouldn’t get through that running without your words to push me along sometimes! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back!

    • Sandy
      Posted at 21:47h, 18 March

      Ditto for me John. I love it how we are often neck and neck in the morning wods and I only get past u in the run because of the fine gentle-man you are. I’m sure you will inspire your army mates as you have done us! Have a great bash.

  • Steph
    Posted at 21:30h, 18 March

    Good work John! Ur an inspiration.

  • Jessica
    Posted at 21:35h, 18 March

    They are lovely words you shared and expressed John. We are all so proud of you as you should be yourself!! It is amazing at what you can achieve with strength and determination and you are proof of that !! Keep up the great work.

  • Kim
    Posted at 21:54h, 18 March

    What lovely and inspiring words. I really enjoyed those two weeks of 9.30 WODs mostly cause you were in the class. I hope the reunion goes well. I bet you are the fittest man there!

  • Jo Genders
    Posted at 22:11h, 18 March

    Good on you John. Your dedication has clearly paid dividends! Thanks for letting me be your pace man on those 400m runs. It’s always great fun working out with you. Enjoy the reunion! Jo x

  • Kate P
    Posted at 05:59h, 19 March

    Fabulous work John! you have done an extraordinary job! enjoy your reunion!:)

  • John Pidgeon
    Posted at 07:21h, 19 March

    Hi Everybody, Am about to head off to Victoria for the big fifty year reunion of the intake of ’62.
    Thanks for the encouragement and support for an old “dig”. See you in two weeks.
    Thanks for all of those kind thoughts this morning.
    I’ll leave you with the words of the ‘Marrickville Mauler’ – “I luv youse all”.

    • Trent
      Posted at 08:58h, 19 March

      Good onya John! Remind me to NOT to spar with you when Jimmy breaks out the boxing gear!

    • Jo D
      Posted at 07:54h, 21 March

      Hey Phantom, enjoy the big catch up with your buddies!! The words old or weakest-link certainly don’t come into my mind when I think of you. Have a great time & see you when you get back;)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:24h, 19 March

    Kim L 30 / 10:11 (15kg)
    Suzy 20 / 9:32 (15kg, kpu)
    Sue O 30 / 9:47 (20kg)
    Sabrina 32.5 / 8:58 (20kg)
    Emma Intro 2
    Bianca 32.5 / 10:35 (25kg)
    Trent 70 / 10:00 Rx
    Tony M
    Nat 40 / 12:15
    Rod 80 / 9:46 Rx
    Sandy 35 / 9:53 (25kg)
    Jo D 32.5 / 11:07 (35kg)
    Minh 17.5 / 14:55 (8kg)

  • Sue O'Connor
    Posted at 10:00h, 19 March

    John, You are certainly looking pretty ‘hot’. Good on ya, Chris and Sam must be pretty proud of what you have achieved. Have a great time and see you when you get back.

  • Jim
    Posted at 10:58h, 19 March

    Paula 55 / 9:35 Rx
    Bec 40 / 9:42 (27.5kg)
    Kat 37.5 / 10:53 (25kg)
    Michelle M 25 / 10:25 (20kg)
    Phantom 45 / 10:49 (30kg)
    Alyssa 25 / 8:25 (20kg)

  • Bec Cort
    Posted at 13:18h, 19 March

    You are family here and just as always before, you have shared the hurt and the struggle alongside comrades, only now it’s the sweat and the suck that unites us lol! Will be anticipating some bloody good stories from you when you get back 🙂
    Oh and Jimmy, I wrote 25kg this morning when it should have been 27.5kg (huge difference I know!)…

  • Georgio
    Posted at 13:33h, 19 March

    Killing it Johnny boy!!!

  • Leah
    Posted at 14:45h, 19 March

    What an amazing feat to reach your goal and attend your reunion how you visualized yourself all those months ago! Well done and keep up the fantastic effort!

  • Cecilia
    Posted at 15:43h, 19 March

    Have fun at your reunion John! We’ll miss you!

  • Megan
    Posted at 19:27h, 19 March

    Sorry I missed you John. I know you have exceeded your goal and expectations and hope that in the years to come I have the tenacity to do the same. I hope your new suit doesn’t fall off you with all the weight you’ve lost. Go gettem tiger…
    Megan – Crossfit Sydney.
    3 RFT:
    500m row
    20 sit-ups (GHD)
    2 rope climbs (~10″ – that’s feet Jim, not inches!)
    Time = 12:37.
    (Probably would have been slower if my shoes didn’t loose weight during the rope climbs! Why did I bring soft soled shoes!!!)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:22h, 19 March

    April 45 / 10:53 Rx
    Jim 75 / 10:11 Rx
    Jess 40 / 11:39 Rx
    John K Intro 1
    Arnie 100
    Matt D 80 / 14:35 (50kg)
    Jo G 50 / 10:07 Rx
    Michael 55 / 9:00 (40kg)
    Jane C 40 / 12:38 (30kg)
    Sue W 32.5 / 10:17 (25kg)
    Georgio 60 / 7:38 (40kg, 30″ bj)
    Brendan 80 / 8:32 Rx
    Emma 25 / 13:44 (15kg)
    Melita 25 / 11:25 (25kg)
    Bec First Muscle-up!!
    Tegan – / 15:46 (8kg)
    CKZ 80 / 15:40 (3 rnds)
    Andrew H 70 / –
    Jenny 20 / 15:23 (15kg)

    • Katherine L
      Posted at 21:40h, 19 March

      Awesome work, Jo G. Smashing it!!
      Congrats in the muscle up, Bec. Great work!!

      • Jo D
        Posted at 08:01h, 21 March

        Wohoo Bec – very excited for you!!!!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:26h, 19 March

    Joel 60 / 11:15 Rx
    Hayley – / 7:53 (20kg)
    Jan 85 / 12:52 Rx
    Celia 50 / 7:23 (30kg, box)
    Rob T 70 / 13:25 (50kg)
    Rob C 60 / 11:55 (40kg)
    Jeff 102.5 / 14:22 Rx
    Ainslee 30 / 9:11 (22.5kg)
    Lana 30 / 8:24 (25kg)
    Kate P 32.5 / 10:25 ( 25kg)
    Nick L 50 / 10:30 (30kg)
    Lauren 35 / 11:39 (25kg)
    Tim D Intro 2
    Tim C Intro 1

    • Christian
      Posted at 20:32h, 19 March

      Jeff: is this purely to bug Arnie?
      John: well done, you are amazing!

      • MeTTT
        Posted at 21:50h, 19 March

        Affirmative, Ghostrider. Someone has to show him who’s the boss.

    • brendan
      Posted at 20:56h, 19 March

      did Tim A & B not show up?

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 21:34h, 19 March

        Like 🙂

        • TIM D
          Posted at 09:42h, 22 March

          Come on give us Tim’s a break 😛

          • Jim King
            Posted at 10:03h, 22 March

            There’s a Tim H and Tim W on the way as well.

  • Michael L
    Posted at 22:53h, 19 March

    Thanks for sharing your story John. Inspirational! Have a great time at the reunion.

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