Monday, 13/08/12

  • Bianca
    Posted at 07:42h, 13 August

    It’s been proven, burpee execution speeds are proportional to height.
    Mine, April’s, Aaron’s and Jo D’s 5 burpee race this morning resulted in Aaron 1st, April 2nd, Jo D 3rd and lanky ol’ me… last. And would ya look at that, in order of height! Aaron finished twice as fast as me and he, too, is twice as short!

    • April King
      Posted at 07:56h, 13 August

      Next time B we will do squats into a vertical jump to a bar the same height off the ground for all of us!!!! If Aaron in his awesomeness finishes anywhere other than last we will work on some ways to shrink you!!!

      • Bianca
        Posted at 08:04h, 13 August

        This sounds like a fair experiment. We’ll worry bout the means of shrinkage when (IF) we get there, but I’m up for anything. Whatever it takes to be an awesome(r) CrossFitter!

    • Christian
      Posted at 09:57h, 13 August

      Not sure if height is the sole deciding factor … cause I’m about the same height as Aaron and I might still be going at those five…

    • Jono
      Posted at 00:32h, 14 August

      Burpee races, where was the invite?

  • Jo J
    Posted at 08:59h, 13 August

    Burpees…..and I thought I was getting better at them. May aswell give up now. My dream is over

  • Aaron
    Posted at 09:45h, 13 August

    7am tomorrow morning.. It’s on!

    • Bianca
      Posted at 19:14h, 13 August

      come anywhere but first place and you wear mr chicken hat for the rest of the week

  • Jim King
    Posted at 21:22h, 13 August

    Name PP / Row / Total
    Shira 35/2:08/106
    Clay 60/1:35/111
    John K 50/1:52/116
    Jo G 45/1:49.4/118
    Suzy 30/2:15/96
    Nikki 25/2:03/96
    Hutch 60/1:31/199
    Michael G 45/1:45/104
    Trent 65/1:31.4/204
    Tony 80
    Rod 80/1:30.5/202
    Dave C 50/1:54/118
    Kyle 45/1:37.4/110
    Megan 47.5
    Jo D 47.5/2:06/173
    Caitlin 17.5/2:09/183
    Emma P 30/1:56/77
    Pat 30 (DB)/1:40/155
    Sue O 40/1:48/109
    CKZ 70/1:43.9/79
    Ozzie 65/1:34.7/83
    Bianca 40/-/185
    Phantom P-WOD
    Simon 60/1:40/220
    Annette 60/1:42/176
    Sam D 35/2:03/127
    Craig 65/1:44/164
    Ali 27.5/2:06/142
    April 45/2:00.0/239
    Alex G 50/1:43.1/86
    Michael L 55/1:35.2/119
    Ozzie O-WOD
    Bec G 35/1:46.9/135
    Tim C 70/1:35.2/129
    Torin 30/1:44.6/-
    Emma H 30/2:09.6/88
    Jess L 52.5/-/251
    JC 65/1:33.6/128
    Clay C-WOD
    CKZ 16.2 (100m row)
    Ben 70/1:38.6/133
    K-Mac 30/1:57.9/125
    Chris Bats 30/2:35.6/175
    Terry R 55/1:40.3/119
    Leah 45/1:59.9/95
    Sarah R 30/2:07.3/83
    Sam T 50/1:46.7/171
    Danny C 45/1:51.4/92
    Nick LF 60/1:40/115
    Dave W 55/1:48.3/-
    Rob C
    Jan 80/1:29.2/-

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