Monday, 10/10/11

Monday, 10/10/11

Happy Birthday for yesterday Flashman!
Check out the results of the first week of the Paleo Challenge in yesterday’s comments.
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Situps
+ 2000kg Chest to Overhead (For this you may choose any weight you like to accumulate the required tonnage. eg. 50 reps x 40kg, 400 reps x 5kg etc.)
3 rounds for time:
800m Run
50 Back Extensions
50 Situps


  • Josh
    Posted at 22:35h, 09 October

    Here’s a free excerpt from Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution”, if you are looking for some inspiration for the Paleo Challenge.
    At the end of this chapter he explains that you need to be grain-free for 30 days to experience the difference, because exposure to gluten anywhere in a 15-day period will reopen microscopic tears in the lining of the intestine.
    I’m definitely off grains, and I’ve taken my son off as well. He has Type 1 diabetes, and this is the first explanation I’ve encountered that makes sense of his situation. Didn’t expect to find that out when I started doing Crossfit.
    101 Reasons (for time) for doing Crossfit continued…
    * You’ll find out a ton of information about nutrition, health, and human performance

  • Jim King
    Posted at 11:23h, 10 October

    6am (“Michael”, Total)
    Declan 30:36, c/o @ 800kg
    Dave 29:48, 36:12 (40kg)
    Meshelle 26:39, c/0 @ 1080kg
    Cecilia 26:16, c/o @ 1900kg
    Sandy 31:14 Rxd, 1080kg
    Minh 36:44 FIRST RXD!, c/o @ 150kg
    Trent 18:00 Rxd, 24:21 (30kg)
    Hutch 19:17 Rxd, 26:20 (30kg)
    Christian ?, 40:05 (50/40kg)
    Steph 25:51, 39:05
    Jan 27:40, 38:38 (40kg)
    Jo D 21:29 Rxd, 33:20 (20kg)
    Rose 22:51, 27:53 (30@8kg)
    John 22:00, 27:21 (76@20kg)
    Corinne 15:53 (half) , 22:00 (62@8kg)
    Megan 13:46 mod, 24:31 (100@20kg)
    Paula 20:54 Rxd, 28:05 (20kg)
    Jack 19:04 Rxd, 30:13 (20kg)
    Josh 29:40 Rxd (GHD), 37:54 (20kg)

  • Josh
    Posted at 12:09h, 10 October

    101 Reasons (for time) to go to Crossfit continued…
    * Because you’ll end up doing workouts that you would never even think of attempting, much less successfully executing, on your own

    • Josh
      Posted at 12:10h, 10 October

      Thanks Paula for the push over the finish line!

    • Christian
      Posted at 19:08h, 10 October

      … and conversely attempting WODs that look/sound easy and are freakin’ killers, like Paula (my brain insists that’s what Barbara is called)…

  • steph
    Posted at 20:07h, 10 October

    Reasons why I go to CFK:
    1. Every now and then there is a workout (like the 2000kg C2OH today) where I am convinced I can’t do it… then I do it and feel the best sense of self pride;
    2. ‘Cause unlike other PT’s I’ve had I don’t have to worry about Jim and April yelling at me or making me feel guilty for not having met their weight loss goals for me each week;
    3. Because FINALLY I am loosing weight without drinking crap meal replacements or taking appetite suppressants;
    4. ‘Cause while my scores are not inspirational to anyone else, I love to celebrate each little success and marvel at each thing I couldn’t do before but can do now.

    • Kate Leggatt
      Posted at 20:10h, 10 October

      Ditto Steph! Well said! 🙂

    • Jo Genders
      Posted at 20:16h, 10 October

      I think your scores are very inspirational, Steph. Your commitment is awe inspiring.

    • Jo D
      Posted at 08:31h, 13 October

      You are inspirational to me Steph, that sunny attitude is fabulous to be around &… I was very excited when you did those pullups the other day!!!!

  • steph
    Posted at 20:12h, 10 October

    Heads up guys, I am bringing a couple of Paleo cook books tomorrow to leave at the gym for a few days for you to have a look at it.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:19h, 10 October

    Jo G 20:58 Rxd, 30:07 (20kg)
    Sarah 20:55 Rxd, 33:31 (15kg)
    Cam 16:42 Rxd, 22:34 (40kg)
    Kate 21:57 Rxd, 32:43 (20kg)
    Michael 27:25, 39:57 (20kg and stopped for a nap)
    Ali 25:00 Rxd, 38:38 (15/10.5kg)
    Ru 24:00 Rxd, 28:07 (50kg)
    Paul 21:05 Rxd, 27:20 (30kg)
    Christian 5:08 (“Isabelle” @40kg), 3:19 (“Grace” @ 40kg)
    Steph conditioning
    Arnie 17:20, 20:05 (50kg)
    Jess 18:30 Rxd, 26:33 (30kg)
    Jeff 29:05 Rxd, 33:55 (40kg)
    7pm Intro Group
    Nicole 278:37
    Steve 21:25 Rxd
    Scott 30:32 Rxd
    Sally 28:32 Rxd
    Kate S 28:00 Rxd
    Lauren 27:36
    Nick 25:25 Rxd
    Marni 30:57 Rxd
    Cath G 27:20 Rxd
    Charly 23:43 Rxd

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