Monday, 04/02/13

Monday, 04/02/13

As we organise the gym around the new space there will be a few changes to the normal procedures most of you have become familiar with. We will keep on reviewing the situation and making any further changes we think are necessary to provide the best possible use of the area. No doubt some of these changes will bring with them their own unforeseen complications and so we ask for your patience while we trial the new arrangements.
Use of the upstairs room as your prep room is the most notable change to the previous situation of using the area underneath the mezzanine. We want to keep this room as clean as possible so please check that your shoes are not bringing in dirt/chewing gum/other nasties commonly attached to the soles of shoes. If this occurs frequently it will become a no-shoe zone.
Particularly post-workout please use a towel if you use the matted area to stretch/roll out.
There is to be no consumption of food or drink in this area, including protein shakes.
Use of aerosol deodorants is not suitable in this enclosed space.
Due to your bags being less accessible during class times you may want to have a small bag of common items (eg. tape, scissors, skipping rope) to bring down into the workout area and leave in the pigeon holes where the rollers and abmats used to live.
This is a trial situation and will hopefully assist in allowing the classes to flow more easily and safely at changeover times, as well as provide a very comfortable area to prepare and strategise for the workout and what a view!
Your cooperation with observing a few rules and courtesies will be greatly appreciated. Remember while this may incur a few personal inconveniences consider that we are implementing these changes for the good of the broader membership.
There will also be some timetable changes in the near future. We will post the new timetable later this week to come into effect Monday, Feb 11.
Front Squat – Heavy 2’s

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
24 Double Unders
6 Toes-to-Bar
3 K-Climbers

  • Ckz
    Posted at 20:17h, 03 February


    • Jim King
      Posted at 20:18h, 03 February

      Got it.

      • Ckz
        Posted at 20:22h, 03 February

        This has cheered me up disproportionately 😛

  • Megan
    Posted at 22:20h, 03 February

    2 more spots have opened in the novice category of the Crossfit Ipswich Hells Gate team challenge. Does another team want to join in? It’s 2 girls + 2 boys per team and modifications are allowed. Details are on the events whiteboard in the box.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 10:27h, 04 February

    Hutch 70/6+1 sdhp (35)
    Steve F 60/5+72 skips
    Michael R 70/6+3 sdhp (30)
    John K 60/4+12 sdhp (25)
    Kate K 35/4+16 skips
    Tanz 65/7+12 sdhp
    Suzy 45/4+2 t2b (15)
    Kim L 45/3+24 du
    Ax 80/7+45 skips
    Richard B 60/4+4 sdhp
    Trav 65/6+10 (30)
    Gerard 97.5/4 (30)
    Robyn 22.5/3+12 du (10.5)
    Sharelle 50/5+3 sdhp (25)
    Caitlin 35/5+3 t2b (15)
    Jo G 67.5/5+9 sdhp (30)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 10:32h, 04 February

    J-M 105/5+24 skip
    Paul E 70/4+3 t2b
    Ross ?/6 (17)
    Greg B 65/5+toes (25)
    Joel S 100/4 (35)
    CKZ 117.5/5+10 stepups
    Steve H 75/4+10sdhp
    Michael G 70/5+24 du
    Sam H 70/5+3 t2b
    Dave K 55/4+3 dl (25)
    Jen 42.5/5 (15)
    Billi 30/4 (15)
    Sumi 40/3 (20)
    Trent 115/7+10 sdhp (40)
    Rod 95/7+13 du
    Jarrod 70/5 (30)
    Steph 15/3+2 sdhp

  • Jim King
    Posted at 10:36h, 04 February

    Jess L 77.5/8 (16kg KB)
    Oz 110/7+17 du (35)
    AK47 60/8+12 sdhp (25)
    Jim 100/8+7 du (40)
    Beth 45/6+20 du (8)
    Jono 100/4+6 t2b (40)
    Alex C 55/4+1 k2e (25)
    Sam D 45/4+12 du
    Jack 42.5/6+22 du (20)
    Connell 75/4+10 sdhp (40)
    Sarah Z 32.5/4+4 sdhp

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:45h, 04 February

    Ax 90/4+12 du
    Tom K ?/16+5 sdhp (35)
    Tom F 45/3+12 sdhp
    Richard F 55/3 (30)
    Kyle 70/4 (30)
    Mick G 112.5/6+2 sdhp
    Brendan J
    Tim C 110/4 (40)
    Dave M 90/4+12 sdhp
    Dan 90/4+20 du (40)
    Ash M 75/4+sdhp
    Ninja 100/5+24 du (50kg 6 reps)
    JB 90/5+28 reps (30)
    Craig S 90/7+1 kc (35)
    Patrina 50/4+12 sdhp
    Jane C 50/4+12 sdhp
    Emma H 42.5/6+ du
    Camille 45/6+skips
    Sarah V 45/7
    K-Star 50 (1 x 52.5)/4+24 du (20)
    Netty 82.5/4+8 sdhp (25)
    Carly B 65/5 (25)
    Alesya 50/5+sumo
    Kate P 57.5/4+4 sdhp (25)
    Grant dB 80/4+20 skip (35)
    Jan 110/6
    Sarah L 30/4+9 sdhp
    Riette 40/4+15
    Shane S 65/4
    Sam T 85/5+3 sdhp (30)
    Hayley K 40/4+10 du (25)
    Michael H 5+skip+?
    Beast 90/8+skip (40)
    Reece B 50/4+20 du
    Simone C 50/4+24 du
    Alice B 50/4+48 skips
    Sonic 35/4+60 singles
    Kelly H 30/4+24 skips
    Grant E 100/7+1 t2b (30)
    Wes 40/3 (20)
    Cam J 70/5 (30)
    Benny -/5+5 t2b (30)
    TT 90/5+ du (30)
    James H 60/4 (25)
    Jason V 50/3 (25)
    Cam L 70/6+1 kc
    Ben C 80/4+10 du
    Georgios 110/7
    Mati 50/6
    Georgio 90/6
    Pip 75/8+12 du (25)
    Andrew H 90/4+2 t2b
    Matt G
    Smithy 60/3
    Rob C

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