Monday, 03/12/12

Monday, 03/12/12

*The Healthy Habits Challenge has come to a close. Please submit your final scores by Tuesday to allow April to determine final standings. If you have made significant gains over the last month the real challenge begins now – maintain the good work.
Today’s workout is the first of two Hero WODs we will be doing this week. “Wood” and “Galagher and McDonald”. They are in honour of three Australian soldiers and donations can be made to The Commando Welfare Trust.
5 rounds for time:
400m Run
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″)
10 SDHP (42.5/30kg)
10 Thrusters (42.5/30kg)
1 Minute Rest

The story behind “WOOD”
“On 17 July 2006 the commandos were sent into the Chora Valley, Uruzgan, with a US infantry unit, to clear out an enemy sanctuary. Both units came under heavy fire and sustained numerous casualties. Despite being wounded himself, Wood immediately responded to his commander’s order to regain the initiative. With speed and aggression, he cleared a number of compounds sheltering the insurgents, allowing the Australian and US soldiers to continue the battle and airlift out the wounded and dead. The award citation states that Wood displayed “gallantry and leadership in the face of the enemy… of the highest order” and that his actions “were testament to the his leadership, fortitude and sense of duty to his team and the platoon.”
HERO Workouts Of the Day are meant to be tough and to test your physical and technical ability. Brett loved running, reflected in the 400m sprints. Brett loved standard lifts and repetitions, which you’ll discover in SDHP, and thrusters. When it comes to the burpee box jumps, well, this is a lung and leg buster, and that is something Commandos and Soldiers alike endure in training and on operations. The rest period is for consolidation, reflecting on what has been and what is about to happen.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:11h, 03 December

    Sam H
    Gerard 28:18 (30kg)
    Paul 32:30 (3 rnds, 25kg)
    Jo G 28:45 rx
    Kim L 30:42 (4 rnds, 15kg)
    Michael R 30:50 (35kg)
    Kate K 21:49 B (13kg)
    John K 27:29 (4 rnds, 25kg)
    Robyn 31:22 mod
    Chris V 27:30 mod
    Sharelle 32:20
    Trav 30:50 (push press)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:20h, 03 December

    Trent 22:21 rx
    CKZ 30:19 (3 rnds, 35kg)
    Geoff 32:57 (25kg)
    Emma P 25:16 (3 rnds, 20kg)
    Kate P 35:10 rx
    Alyssa 24:15 (4 rnds, 20kg)
    J-M 33:02 (40kg)
    Jen 28:30 ( 4rnds, 15kg)
    Rod 22:43 mod
    Caitlin 23:32 (3rnds, 15kg)
    Probes 26:56 rx+ (24″)
    Craig S 26:55 rx
    Jarrod 33:45 (32.5kg)
    Jess L 23:08 rx

  • Jim King
    Posted at 12:10h, 03 December

    Sam D 26:00 (15kg)
    Benny 36:46 rx
    Jack 28:01 B (20kg, 10kg sandbag run)
    Jono 29:48 rx
    Beth 33:17 mo
    Bex 33:37 rx
    Ken 33:20
    Glen 32:55
    Phantom 35:40
    K-Star 34:44 (15kg)
    Brendon M 23:06 rx
    Krusher 26:54 rx
    Jim 25:26 rx
    Oz 30:42 “Heavy JT”

  • Jono
    Posted at 13:28h, 03 December

    hey Jimmy, forgot to ask but what was the RSS feed for the site again?

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:43h, 03 December

    Gorgeous 27:17 rx
    Mad Dog
    Tom 29:29 (30)
    GT 34 (35)
    Jess H 42:02 (15)
    Andrew H 42:52 rx
    Bec G 34:27 (25)
    Tim G
    Michael L 33:45 rx
    David P 41:39
    JC 30:59
    Tim C
    Troy 34:17
    Dan 23:46 (3 rnds)
    Arthur 35:07 (30)
    Arnie 32:12 rx
    Tim C 35:26 rx
    Lizzie B 35:50 (15)
    Claire (trial)
    Sarah Z
    AP 30:21 rx
    Patrina 37:01 (20)
    Pip 26:32
    Ben C 30:29 (30kg)
    Brendan J 33:40 (35)
    Leah 29:48 mod
    Gill 32:50 (25kg)
    Deanne 29:50 rx
    Alice 38:30 (15)
    RV 27:35 (4 rnds, 30)
    Dave M 34:40 (30)
    Sean B 27:30 (40)
    Jamie 27:53 (4 rnds, 42.5)
    Alex F 36:47
    Shelly 33:33
    Dave C 16:45 (3 rnds, 30)
    Chris Bats 34:28 (18)

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