Friday, 29/06/12

Friday, 29/06/12

Unfortunately the planned State of Origin night at CFK has had to be cancelled due to technical difficulties. Also, there is no Running Group on this Sunday.
For total accumulated time:
2 x 500m Row. Record best time.
5 Rope Climbs for time.
50 Wall Ball for time.
100 Double Unders for time.
200 reps for time of any combination of Squats, Situps and Pushups.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:18h, 29 June

    5:15 – 500m row / Rope Climbs / Wall Ball / Skipping / Bodyweight = TOTAL
    Xavier 2:08/1:50/2:40/6:30/9:21=22:29
    Mel 2:39/6:48/2:41/6:41/10:24=29:13
    John K 1:50/2:40/3:35/3:35/12:55=23:15
    Sabrina 1:59/3:53/2:25/4:06/6:36=18:19
    Simon 1:49/1:55/2:57/3:51/8:10=18:18
    Suzy 2:21/5:00/3:12/3:50/9:29=23:12
    Kim 2:07/2:19/3:17/1:55/13:03=22:36
    Robyn = 32:45
    Trent 1:37/1:08/1:45/2:07/5:09=11:46
    Jo J 1:51.8/8:48/4:27/7:37/13:58=36:41.8
    Megan 1:51.9/2:26/1:40/1:53/9:15=16:26.9
    Michael G 1:53/2:09/4:20/4:08/4:27=16:57
    Tony 1:31.4/1:39-/3:02/7:59
    Caitlin 2:34/2:00/3:20/3:20/12:30=23:44
    Hutch 1:33/3:19/2:30/1:21/7:27=16:10
    Jo D 1:54.9/1:08/1:40/-/-
    Kyle Intro 3
    Jo G 1:53.7/6:09/2:09/1:40/6:27=18:18
    Sam 2:06/4:41/3:03/2:26/8:48=21:04
    Jono 1:43/10/3:10/3/9:03=26:56
    Mick G 1:45/3:38/2:20/1:30/6=15:13
    Phantom 1:55.9/2:40/4:10/5/8:40=22:25.9
    Chris Bats 2:25/3:35/2:05/4/5=16:55
    Dave C = 19:30

    • Katherine L
      Posted at 19:49h, 29 June

      Wow, Jimmy. That’s a lot of record keeping. You’d wanna hope you’ve not missed anyone 🙂

  • Dan
    Posted at 18:27h, 29 June

    Rob Orlando is selling Atlas stone moulds via his new Aussie distributor for cheap. Details on his Facebook page:

  • Michael Lobb
    Posted at 18:44h, 29 June

    In response to technical difficulties is CFK heading across the road to the Salisbury Hotel to see the game?

    • Jim King
      Posted at 19:44h, 29 June

      That has been considered. Nothing decided yet.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:05h, 29 June

    Open Gym
    Dave W
    Matt G 1:41/1:30/3:11/3:12/7:00=16:34
    CKZ 24:11 (10 rft: 10 ring rows, 10x60kg DL, 10 Situps)
    JC 1:38/5:26/4:40/2:11/6:58=20:53
    Arthur 1:45/-/2:35/4:09/9:02=17:01

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