Friday, 25/01/13

Friday, 25/01/13

The gym will be open as usual on Saturday for all classes and closed for the Australia Day public holiday on Monday. We will be posting a workout you can do in a park or at home.
The planned Friday O-Lift 1RM session will be on next week to give you all a brief break from a big week of lifting. We have seen a huge improvement in the standard of your lifts and you will still get a chance to put your skills to the test on Saturday with a choice of either “Isabel” or “Grace”. We are aiming for strict reps throughout these workouts. Power Snatches and Power Cleans will be accepted but press-outs will be no-repped.
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
400m Run
10 Burpees (To a target 6″ above standing reach)
20 Heel Taps
30 Double Unders


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