Friday, 15/02/13

Friday, 15/02/13

This weekend we have got two teams entered in to the Hell’s Gate Challenge on Sunday. Team “Boom” and Team “Krusher”. They would love a bit of support if you can find some time to get out there and cheer them on.
Also, WISER1CROSSFIT will be hosting a fundraiser comp on Sunday Feb 24th to help raise money for Jo Goldstein, a mother of three young children who is dying from Cell Carcinoma. The Wiser1CrossFit Ultimate Warrior Comp will be an Individual CrossFit Competition. It will consist of 3 Workouts and a final. There is also a 40+ Masters division. Cost $30 to compete.
4 rounds for time:
27 Box Jumps (24/20″)
20 Burpees
11 Squat Cleans (65/45kg)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 12:09h, 15 February

    Jono 27:44 rx
    Robyn 30:02 (3 rnds, 13kg)
    Sharelle 19:54 (25kg)
    Jamie E 26:06 (50kg)
    Jo G 26:26 rx
    Michael L 28:35 (50kg)
    James K
    Kim L 22:18 (3 rnds, 15kg)
    Greg B 28:30 (40kg)
    Benny 28:50 (50kg)
    Travis 22:35 (35kg pc)
    Richard B 30:30 (25kg mod)
    Marc G 20:56 (3 rnd, 35kg)
    John K 21:44 (3 rnds, 30kg)
    Rees 18:45 (3 rnds, 35kg)
    Michael R 24:05 (40kg)
    Trent L 18:31 rx
    Rod M 23:33 rx
    Smithy (2 rnds, 25kg)
    Hayley K 25:16 (25kg)
    Sarah L 28:15 (15kg)
    Ali M 22:12 (3 rnds, 25kg)
    Emma H 20:17 mod
    Alex C 26:00 (35kg)
    Gill B 26:32 (25kg)
    Bec G 27:22 (25kg mod)
    Craig J 30:35 (35kg)
    Joel S 32:05 (50kg, 20″)
    Jarrod G 29:50 (40kg)
    Paul E 30:32 (40kg, 20″)
    Chris V 26:16 (45kg)
    Bridgette trial
    Kate P 23:56 (25kg)
    Kyle R 20:20 (3 rnds)
    RV 27:45 (30kg)
    Jess H 21:51
    Beast 19:14 (45kg)
    Will H
    Phantom 23:30 mod
    Andrew H
    Probes 23:58 rx
    Grant dB

  • Jim King
    Posted at 18:49h, 15 February

    Oz 14:22 rx
    Krusher 21:22 rx
    Open Gym
    K-Star 19:52
    Dave K 31:58 (40kg)
    Reece K
    Bowie 28:35 (40kg)
    Dan M 27:16 (3 rnds)
    Reece B 31:52 (30kg)
    Julian trial
    Sam H
    Cam L 18:41 (50kg)
    Craig S 22:15 rx
    Caitlin 14:19 (2 rnds, 15kg)
    CKZ situps and DL
    Ash M
    Rob C
    Lana 18:58 (25kg)
    Tom K 23:33 (50kg)
    Alex C 10 (Monday WOD)
    Patrina 22:50 (25kg)
    Jan 32:10 rx
    Carly B
    Pip 17:09 rx

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