Friday, 09/03/12

  • MeTTT
    Posted at 09:41h, 09 March

    Kingy, I didn’t realise Camille was lucky enough to get a photo with you. She looks pretty pleased with it.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 12:14h, 09 March

    Gerard 18:43 (singles)
    Isobel 13:46 (3rnds @ 3kg)
    Clay 21:39 (singles)
    Sabrina 19:26 (8kg)
    Kim 18:03 (4rnds @ 8kg)
    Bianca 19:40 (8kg)
    Chris Bow. 19:35 (15kg)
    Nat 21:38 (10kg)
    Leah 20:00 (6kg)
    Trent 14:54 Rx
    Kath L 21:35 (8kg)
    Hutch 20:26 Rx
    Jack 17:22 (10kg mod)
    Phantom 27:30 (s, 6/10kg)
    Craig 19:48 (3 rnds, 15kg)
    Matt G 17:30 Rx
    Dan 15:51 (3 rnds, 15kg)
    April 20:52 Rx+ (2x10kg DB)

    • Jim King
      Posted at 15:59h, 09 March

      Plus an additional 25 snatches for April (she can’t count or read!)

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