Friday, 07/09/12

Friday, 07/09/12

1 Clean + 2 Push Press + 3 Push/Split Jerk
Conditioning and Skills Practice:
Rope Climb (No feet if you’re skilled at normal climbs)
Kipping Pullups
Forward / Backward Rolls
GHD Hip/Back Extensions



  • Jo J
    Posted at 21:37h, 06 September

    Stampeder’s!!!!!!! So the theme is ‘white’….bring out your cleanest frilliest whitest clothes…perfect for muddy obstacles right?

    • Bianca
      Posted at 16:20h, 07 September

      After this mornings discussions, theme has changed to CRAZY WIGS. But wear white too if you wanna be hardcore.
      For everyone needing a lift, meet at CFK at 8am! See ya tomorrow

  • Jo J
    Posted at 11:25h, 07 September

    oh so….after this mornings discussion, plan has changed to crazy wigs! But feel free to wear white too!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 18:47h, 07 September

    Chris V 30kg
    Simon 60kg
    Jo J 35
    Bianca 40
    Rod 80
    Trent 77.5
    Sue O
    Big T 80
    Jono 55
    Oz 60
    Caitlin 22.5
    Hutch 70
    Nikki 25.5
    K-Mac 35
    Jo D 47.5
    Grant dB Intro 3
    Netty 50
    Patrina 32.5
    Nic P 60
    Gary B 50
    Jack 35
    Shira 35
    Kat 37.5
    Dave W 35
    Jim 80
    Arnie 90
    Open Gym
    Kat Dan
    JC 22:04 (“Holbrook” 30 sec rest @ 30kg)
    Michael L
    Ash M
    CKZ 50kg, 80kg C&J
    Chris B
    Matt G
    Steve H Intro 3
    Travis Intro 2

  • Kat
    Posted at 19:35h, 07 September

    This Kat Dan person sounds like they would be awesome but like twice as awesome as a normal person

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