Friday, 06/09/13

Friday, 06/09/13

For time:
1000m Row
30 Wall Ball (9/6kg)
30 SDHP (40/30kg)
800m Run
20 Wall Ball
400m KB Carry (1 x 24/16kg KB)
10 Wall Ball

  • Kat
    Posted at 21:49h, 05 September

    Hmm chalk

  • Rosco
    Posted at 06:25h, 06 September

    Going camping – legs sore so didn’t want to do the WOD – went back to bed – felt guilty – got up – too late for WOD – 5km run…26:19 🙂
    See ya Monday!

  • Aaron Osborne
    Posted at 10:58h, 06 September

    Name – MetCon time
    Sharelle 20:30 Rx
    Hutch 19:59 Rx +
    Jason H 23:19 Rx +
    Rich B Rx
    Julie N 23:58 (6kg, 16kg kb, 20kg sdhp)
    Pam O 19:20 (12kg kg kb, 25kg sdhp)
    Jo G 19:44 Rx +
    James K 24:59 Rx
    Rees 19:51 Rx
    Oswin 23:3 Rx +
    Jo D 21:44 Rx + (24kg kb)
    Pami 23:45 mod
    Nicolette 20:48 (3kg, 12kg kb, 15kg sdhp)
    Kim L 24:54 (25kg sdhp)

  • Aaron Osborne
    Posted at 11:06h, 06 September

    Rod 18:44 Rx+
    Graham 23:09 (9kg wall ball, 30kg sdhp)
    Trent 16:47 Rx+
    Dave H 21:55 (40kg sdhp, 20kg kb)
    Maria 20:50 Rx
    Bec C 21:22 Rx (No rep for late KB return)
    Crystal 24:15 (25kg sdhp)
    Sue O 23:48(25kg sdhp)
    Laz 20:25 Rx
    Tracey 21:52 (25kg sdhp, 8kg kb)
    Killer 24:33 Rx+
    Greg 18:46 Rx
    Craig J 23:47
    Naomi H 23:56 Rx
    Sarah LJ 23:37 Rx
    Niall 19:11 Rx
    Sinead 24:38 (12kg kb, 5kg wall ball)
    Sophie Mac 22:10 (12kg kb, 25kg sdhp, 6kg wall ball)
    Alex C 21:05 Rx
    Geoff 21:27 (35 kg sdhp)
    Emma P 25:48
    Michael G 21:25 Rx
    Steve L 24:47
    Shelly 23:05
    Jason V 25:30

  • Aaron Osborne
    Posted at 11:12h, 06 September

    Jono 23:19 (mod, row)
    Glen 22:47 Rx
    Krusher 18:00 Rx+
    Mel B 22:56 (25kg sdhp, 12kg kb)
    Jessie 24:46 (4kg wall ball, 15 sdhp)
    Michelle M 23:30 mod
    Julie L 22:40 (4kg wall ball, 20kg sdhp, 12kg kb)
    Gary B 28:27 (7kg wall ball, 40kg sdhp, 16kg kb)
    Damo I 23:25 (7kg wall ball, 16kg kb)
    Beast 16:32 Rx+
    Damo C 23:15 Rx
    Lizzie B 24:01 (25kg sdhp, 6kg wall ball, 12kg kb)

  • chakkerz
    Posted at 13:09h, 06 September

    Gah! I so wanted to come in today for open gym … Starting to miss the place. Might have to do a double shift Saturday morning 😛

  • Benny
    Posted at 18:43h, 06 September

    23:13 Rx +

  • Aaron Osborne
    Posted at 18:48h, 06 September

    Open Gym
    Kat 1rm bench press 47.5, 1 OMU (orange band muscle up?) PB central!
    Dan M
    Luke D 21:06 Rx
    Benny 23:12 Rx+
    Hoppo 19:16 Rx
    Jodie 25:06 mod
    JC 23:26 Rx+
    Arnie 20:46 Rx+
    Tk 21:09 Rx+
    Mulls 22:30 (7kg wall ball, 30kg sdhp)
    Bel 20:12 mod (3kg wall ball, 15kg sdhp)
    Deb 26:26 (4kg wall ball, 15kg sdhp, 12kg kb)
    Trent 100kg OHS 1RM PB
    Camo 10m handstand walk
    Chris H 20:17 Rx
    Dave C 22:20 Rx
    Michael L 21:39 Rx
    Rob C
    Ash M 22:43 Rx
    Dani B
    Kate P 22:44 Rx
    Jack ‘stuff’
    Shane T 24:22 (female Rx)
    Jad 23:20 Rx
    Tim S
    Naomi H

    • Kat
      Posted at 18:51h, 06 September

      Correct! I have no feeling in my thumbs, but it was so worth it to graduate from PMU! 😀

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