Friday, 05/06/20

Friday, 05/06/20

Change up to the scheduled workout for today. For our last day of Zoom classes Jimmy Millet requested this for his isolation birthday wod, so let’s celebrate both occasions with a good workout from a good bloke and we’ll see you in the gym very soon!


 For time:


 Buy in – 19 burpees



30 Push Ups

5 Hang Power Cleans

30 Air Squats

5 Front Squats

30 Ring Rows

5 Push Presses


 Cash out – 85 Double Unders


Scale rep numbers and level of difficulty for the Pushups and Ring Rows so you can complete each movement in 3 to 5 sets.


 The numbers represent Jimmy’s birth year of 1935 and that he is 85 years old. How good is CrossFit?

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