Friday, 03/04/20

Friday, 03/04/20

I am receiving regular requests for equipment, but there are very few items left. Most people are asking for barbells and weight plates but all we have left are the ones I am hanging on to for our staff.


Please, if you are sharing equipment that belongs to the gym amongst yourselves, keep a track of it as I have no way of doing that accurately with so much gear out there. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the initial borrower to ensure the equipment is returned in reasonable condition when the time comes to do that.


Here’s what’s still available as of this morning:


Foam rollers, foam mats, broomsticks, skipping ropes – plenty

Wall Balls – 2 x 1kg, 4 x 2kg, 1 x 2.5kg, 4 x 3kg, 1 x 4kg, 1 x 5kg, 2 x 6kg, 3 x 9kg, 8 x 10kg, 1 x 12kg

Slam Balls – 2 x 9kg, 1 x 10kg

2 x Prowlers (no weights)

Kettlebells – 1 x 2kg, 1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 36kg, 2 x 40kg

Dumbbells – an assortment of pairs no heavier than 3kgs

Gymnastics Rings – 6 pairs



7 rft:
11 Deadlifts (@ bodyweight)
100m Sprint



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