August 2010

Run 1.6km 21 Pushups 21 Pullups Run 1km 18 Pushups 18 Pullups Run 800m 15 Pushups 15 Pullups Run 800m 12 Pushups 12 Pullups Run 400m 9 Pushups 9 Pullups Run 400m 6 Pushups 6 Pullups Run 200m 3 Pushups 3 Pullups Scale up to ring Pushups and Chest to Bar Pullups if desired. Post time to comments. ...

Incrementing Ladder - AMRAP 20 mins. Power Snatch (40/30kg) Ring Dip Pullup (Strict) Toes to Bar Perform one of each exercise in the first round, two of each in the second round, three of each in the third round and so on for 20 mins. Post number of completed rounds and...


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