Workout of the Day

24 Nov

CrossFit Kids 11am   CrossFit King In-House Championships: – First heat at 7am – Wod briefing for first two heats at 6:45am – Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled heat time. Note that we may be running ahead of sched ... Continue Reading

23 Nov

3 x 7 minute AMRAPs   A) 200m Row 20 Pushups   B) 30 Double Unders 10 RKB Swings (24/16kg)     C) 10 Box Jumps (24/20″) 10 Situps 10 LH DB Snatches (1 x 20/15kg) 10 RH DB Snatches (1 x 20/15kg)

22 Nov

A) Snatch – 15 minutes – singles   Then   B) For time: 21-15-9 Hang Power Snatches (35/25kg) Toes-to-Bar Burpees (6″)

21 Nov

A) Bench Press 5 x 7 B) Back Squat 5 x 7

20 Nov

Linchpin Test 1   For time:   400m Run   Light “Fran”   400m Run   Light “Fran”   400m Run     Light “Fran” = 21-15-9 Thrusters (35/25kg) Pull-Ups

19 Nov

– Nominations for the in-house championships close tonight. I have reduced the male Intermediate S2OH weight to 47.5kg.   A) Clean and Jerk – 15 minutes – singles   B) Death by Clean and Jerk (60/40kg)

19 Nov

A well earned rest. In this year’s Open Jon was time-capped at 40 minutes for 17.5. On Thursday he finished it in 17:41.

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