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04 Oct

We have had a strong interest in the option to run a CrossFit Kids class on Thursday afternoons at 5pm. As this was a new addition to the timetable we needed to wait and see if we had the numbers to justify the timetable change. This change will go ahead ... Continue Reading

03 Oct

A) Snatch – 20 minutes   B) “Jeremy” For time: 21-15-9 OHS (45/30kg) Burpees (6″)

02 Oct

4 rounds for time: 25 Push Presses (45/30kg) 400m Run 5 Muscle-Ups 40 Double Unders

01 Oct

8am session only. Scaling and substitution options are on the board at the gym to moderate the volume in this workout, particularly on the Deadlifts. “Andy” For time: 25 Thrusters (52.5/37.5kg) 50 Box Jumps (24/20″) 75 Deadlifts (52.5/37 ... Continue Reading

01 Oct

One session tomorrow at 8am for the public holiday.

29 Sep

7am Weightlifting 9.15am CrossFit Kids 6,7,8am CrossFit Linchpin Test 6 4 rounds for time: 21 Wall Ball (9/6kg) 18 Pull-Ups 15 KB Swings (24/16kg) 12 HSPU

28 Sep

A) “Isabel” For time: 30 Snatches (62.5/45kg)   B) Partner WOD   With a 14 minute time cap: 120 Double Unders each 60 Cal Row 60 Situps 60 SDHP (40/30kg) 120 Double Unders each

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