Saturday, 11/01/20

10 Jan

This workout is dedicated to recognising the devastating impact on human and native lives from the recent and ongoing bushfires, and also the courage and perseverance of so many to help each other find a way through this disaster.


With many fake fundraising websites around, the following link is to a  verified legitimate account by the Australian Government if you would like to donate to a wildlife charity:



(Wildlife Rescue)



Partner WOD.


AMRAP in 30 minutes:


40 Medball Cleans
(share reps as desired)


40 Hand Taps


400m Medball Run

(both run together, share one Medball)


40 Calories

8 Rope Climbs

(both working, share reps as desired)


2 Minute Plank

(alternating, 1 minute each)


2 Minute Wall Sit

(alternating, 1 minute each)





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