Online Booking

We use Mindbody to do our online booking. This is also available as an ap that you can download on to your phone.

Here are step by step instruction on how to set up and use your profile:

Creating an account

1. Create an account at Mind Body Online

2. Click on any of the ‘sign up now’ buttons.  This will open a new box asking you if you are a returning member, if you would like to sign up using Facebook or:

3. New to our site.

4. Type in your name.  If you have been to CrossFit or a Reformer Class before your name should already be in the Mindbody system so it will find you and should come up on screen. (Please note if you have not been before you will need to select create new account)

5. Click “This is me”

6.  Enter details to verify.  This matches the information we have already entered into the system.  The most common detail I enter is the mobile phone number. If your name is coming up in step 4 but you can not verify – please do not create a new account! You will need to contact us to go further.

7. Create your login details.

Your Profile

Once you have created your account you should be able to access your information and the class schedule.
If you click on the ‘my info’ tab toward the top right.
Click on ‘My schedule’ and you will see a list of any classes that you are already booked in to.


The ‘My schedule’ screen is where you can also cancel out of a class.
You will see all your classes listed.
If you following along the class information line there is a cancel button far right.  Simply click on this to remove yourself from a class.

Please note that we do have a cancellation policy.  We require 24 hours notice prior to the class start time.  If you are unable to supply us with adequate notice you will automatically be charged a cancellation fee.  If you are within the 24 hour time period the ‘cancel’ I was explaining in the above paragraph will actually show as ‘Late cancellation’.
If you are within the 24 hours and can’t make it, please cancel yourself from the class but also let us know. If we are able to fill your spot then we will reverse the cancellation charge from your account.

Booking a class

1. Click on the ‘Reformer Pilates’ tab.
Here you will see our Class Schedule.  It shows all the class details; day, date, time and instructor.

2. Find the class that you wish to book into.

3. Click on the ‘sign up now’ button.
You will see under the button there is Reserved (current spots filled) and Open (available spots).
All classes have 1 wait list position. You will need to click into the ‘sign up now’ to know if this spot is taken.

4. Select Single Reservation if you only want to book that time slot as a one off. Select recurring booking if you would like to book blocks.

5. If you have selected Recurring booking.  Select the frequency of the booking (e.g. weekly, fortnightly) then select the time frame you wish this frequency to continue.  There is a drop down box that shows the individual dates, select the latest date of the time frame.
You will be able to cancel individual classes within this time frame in the ‘my schedule’ section.

6. Select ‘register as unpaid’.

It will automatically remove the payment from your 10 pack after the class has completed or you will show up as owing until we receipt the payment you made at the time of the class.
Please do not select the ‘make a …. reservation’ button as it will ask for payment information at the time of the booking which is not relevant (e.g. what type of membership would you like to purchase)


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above instructions please feel free to contact us or #0449764120 and we can help you through…

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