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Originally operating out of a small back yard shed, CrossFit King is a purpose-built CrossFit gym located in Salisbury, Brisbane. Owners Jim and April King are dedicated to improving their members’ quality of life with a comprehensive service that effectively increases their physical capacities.

Applying the proven CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movement performed at an individually appropriate high intensity, CrossFit King delivers long-term health benefits to all members and challenges each person to pursue goals that express maximal athletic potential.

In addition, their services include personal training, physiotherapy, sports massage, lifestyle education seminars targeting stretching and trigger point therapy, sports injury management and nutrition.

Gym Culture

Our community comes together both in the box and on our facebook page and website.  Visiting the site regularly will help you stay abreast of latest WODs and updates on results.  We encourage you to contribute to the CrossFit King community by posting a comment or sharing your thoughts.
We welcome your feedback so send us an email or catch us for a chat.  We want your CrossFit experience to be the best it can be.

What is a CrossFit class like?


Some helpful hints:

Please be on time.  Unlike an open gym, every CrossFit class is run by a trainer.  You will not get the full CrossFit experience if you miss the warm up or the coaching information that happens at the start of each class.

Listen carefully to your trainer.  The fun thing about CrossFit is that each session is a new and different experience.  It is important that you do the movements the way they are taught… it is for your safety and efficiency of movement.

If you are concerned about any particular injury please let your trainer know before class begins.

Maximise your workout!  Part of the CrossFit philosophy is that all movement is part of the workout.  That means you help set up your own equipment and help pack it away.

Respect and support your fellow CrossFitters: encouragement from your mates goes a long way.  Cheerleaders are always encouraged.

What should I bring?

A positive attitude.  You’ll get out of CrossFit what you put in to it.

A towel

A water bottle (we have a cold water cooler for top ups)

Sports tape – you’d be surprised at its many uses.  BYO or buy from us at $10 per roll

Skipping rope – we have plenty, but if you have a favourite, bring it along.

Suitable clothing – CrossFit is a total body experience, so wear something you’ll feel comfortable in.

As for shoes: we highly recommend weightlifting shoes during these sessions but you can start with your regular trainers first.

Wearing skins may help with prevention of shin scraping,fake rolex watches heat retention and compression of muscle.   All in all helping to prevent injury.

We have storage for your equipment and if required we can safely secure any valuables.  We recommend no jewellery during workouts – wearing rings encourages blisters and necklaces can be damaged when you rack the bar.

CrossFit is not just about training: it’s a community.  We encourage you to join in on our social events and look forward to welcoming you to the CrossFit King community.


    Julia banks

    June 1, 2014 at 2:53 pm


    What days and times and is it one on one or group. I need to get my fitness back
    can you help. I’m not young though so can any age have a go

      Jim King

      June 2, 2014 at 12:40 pm


      Hi Julia,

      I replied to you via the email address attached to this comment but it has come back as a message failure due to incorrect address.

      Please give me a call on 0408 590 530 and I will be happy to answer all of your questions.


    julie gray

    August 8, 2015 at 3:57 pm


    Wanting you to know Jimmy, that the few times I have managed to be in brisbane and Rod Massy has dragged me to the 5.30am class, I loved it. Thank you for making me feel welcome every time. Thanks Crush and I wish I lived a whole lot closer.

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